Lowest price guaranteed — Hotel

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When you make hotel reservations here at aircanada.com — provided by Orbitz, we want you to have the same assurance as you do with our Lowest Fare Guarantee for airfare.

Hotel Lowest price guarantee Terms and Conditions:

If you book a qualifying prepaid hotel rate on this site, and then find the same room, in the same hotel, for the same dates, at a lower price online, before taxes and fees, we'll refund the difference.

How do I identify a qualifying rate?

What's the deadline to submit my claim?

How is the refund processed if approved?

Claim must include the following:

If we are unable to replicate the lower rate, the Orbitz Customer Experience Team will contact you via email to request additional information and documentation (such as a screen shot) to verify the lower on-line rate. Please keep a copy of all such documentation.

General Terms